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I so rarely give a 5 star rating... It needs to be something truly special.
Your videos are a source of joy, even when the subject matter is heavy or deep.
Keep up the great work and stay awesome.

This is how you do an ad.

This is a nice start. Good art and the animation is mostly solid.
There are some pacing problems with a few scenes lasting too long.
The music is too loud, so that when it´s at a confortable volume I can´t hear the voice work.
Keep up the good work and stay awesome.

GreyBertMonkey responds:

Thanks man, I've got a much better computer and drawing capabilities (I used a mouse to draw this whole cartoon) and my voice acting and music has grown, I hope

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EDIT: after the update it became possible to control as intended, made it to the end.
cool idea for an alternative control scheme and a decent little game.
updated rating to reflect
keep up the good work and stay awesome
the idea is cool but space does not work with diagonals on many keyboards(including the one i'm using), and alternative key x cannot be held down for the same effect

mmattugh responds:

I wasn't aware of that thank you so much for telling me :)!

I fixed the issue with the X key and I made a bunch of other alternative keys so maybe you can find one that's more comfortable.

It's ok.
I had a hard time telling the bullets apart from the background.

MonoFlauta responds:

Thanks for playing! And sorry about that, we passed through many versions of the background and we though this one was good

It's just a reskinned clone of one of the Notebook Wars games. Even has the same shop with the same upgrades.

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I've learned to expect awesome from you but this time you've really outdone yourself.
There are characters in there that are sure to be recognizable by anyone who has an interest in games, new or old.
There are also some obscure gems that just warm my heart.
I don't give out many 5/5s but you've more than earned it.

ScepterDPinoy responds:

I'm also planning to add characters what ng user suggested in the future where the size increase to 4k.

At first I thought this was just a square of blackness and almost gave it a zero, then from looking at the other reviews I realized I had just missed the animation. After refreshing it is a cute little thing but I shouldn't have to refresh to watch it if I looked away from the screen for a second.

Great as always.
How about prince of persia from the first(1989) game?

JinnDEvil responds:

Sounds nice! And thanks!

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